AcuGraphs, Orgonites, and EMFs affect your energy... objectively.

In the last eight months we have tested 10 subjects using AcuGraphs to determine how our Orgonites affect the body's energy level when exposed to EMFs. Our first test is done with little to no EMF exposure as determined by using an Accoustimeter, an EMF tester. The second test is done with significant EMF exposure but also with Orgonites present. The last test is done with only exposure to EMFs. What is an AcuGraph: AcuGraph helps you give more effective acupuncture treatments by providing real-time insight into your patient’s meridian energetics. It includes objective measurement and engaging visual displays of meridian data, as well as treatment point recommendations and historical trending to demonstrate results. It does this by measuring electrical skin resistance at representative acupuncture points, by means of a two-minute exam.

So.. here are the results. As you can see there is a significant difference in the first and second test, and then the third test.

I will not interpret the actual results as I am not a trained Acupuncturist or trained in the use of AcuGraphs. But, I will make the observation that there is a significant difference in the energy level of my body when being exposed to EMFs, with and without Orgonites.

In the near future my wife, Dr. Brenda Frazier will be publishing a peer reviewed paper using the results of blood tests and Acugraphs. This is just a sample.


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