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"I am Steve Frazier and I can do anything I want".
This is the mantra I lived by 20 years ago and have recaptured making Orgonite Pyramids. Creating beautiful pyramids and other orgonite pieces has changed my life, in that I have never had an impact on people's lives like this before. Protecting them from EMFs, giving people certain crystals for chakra healing, and placing crosses in many of my pieces to share the love and peace of Jesus Christ, a true excellent adventure!! Hearing the stories of people sleeping for the first time in years, and so on has made this the most gratifying, and humbling experince I have ever had in my life.
My Mission: to empower your health, happiness, and protection with Orgonites by Steve.
Blessings to you and your families!
With orgone love,
(715) 803-0001

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