• Clear Quartz...Master Healer

    We put a clear quartz crystal in every piece we make at Orgonites by Steve. All the pyramids have a crystal wrapped in metal wire and the smaller pieces have a crystal in them. 
  • How does Orgonite work? Test 2

    The vortex effect orgonite has on blue dye when frozen.
  • How does Orgonite work? Test one

    Unfrozen blue food dye.
  • AcuGraphs, Orgonites, and EMFs affect your energy... objectively.

    An objective look at the impact Orgonites by Steve has on the energy level of our bodies when exposed to negative EMFs.
  • Blood Test #3 using Darkfield Microscopy with just exposure to EMFs

    .As you can see there is now significant degradation of my red blood cells.  Also, in the videos we have of all subjects the white blood cells in the last test have little to no white cell activity
  • Blood Test #2 using Darkfield Microscopy With EMF exposure and Orgonites

    This is Blood test #2 using Darkfield Microscopy to view my red blood cells and the affect being exposed to EMFs from a WiFi router, an active laptop, and a cell phone with a hot spot on.
  • Blood tests using Darkfield Microscopy Slide #1 No EMFs

    These are my red blood cells with little to no exposure to EMFs as determined by using an Accoustimeter.
  • Field Strength as Determined with Muscle Testing

    Field Strength as Determined with Muscle Testing
  • Orgonites by Steve Retail Locations

    Our major retail locations are at Symmetry Natural Health in Wausau and Sun Prairie Wisconsin!!
  • The harmful effects of 5G/Martin Pall' Book on 5G Free link

    What is shown below is that there is a vast amount of evidence in the independent scientific literature that conflicts with both the conclusion about lack of demonstrated effects and the conclusion about lack of mechanism. 
  • Blood tests and AcuGraph results

    We are currently working on getting 4 more tests done so my wife, Dr. Brenda Frazier can write and publish a paper showing that Orgonites by Steve ...
  • Results..Results...Results.. and updates

    Greetings! I don't often use this blog as a testimonial page but I want to share several that we recieved recently:

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