Blood Test #3 using Darkfield Microscopy with just exposure to EMFs

This is the third blood test using Darkfield Microscopy. In this test I was exposed to EMFs for 15-20 minutes.As you can see there is now significant degradation of my red blood cells.  Also, in the videos we have of all subjects the white blood cells in the last test have little to no white cell activity.For clarification, these three blood tests were done in consecutive order in a time frame of approximately one hour. My wife, Dr. Brenda Frazier is writing and will publish a paper using ten different blood tests from ten different people. She also will be using AcuGraph data for each individual as well. Dark-field microscopy is ideally used to illuminate unstained samples causing them to appear brightly lit against a dark background. This type of microscope contains a special condenser that scatters light and causes it to reflect off the specimen at an angle

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