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Greetings! I don't often use this blog as a testimonial page but I want to share several that we recieved recently:

Hello Steve,I bought one of your orgonite pyramids at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander last Saturday.I am here to say that my sleep has improved greatly...!!!I have been going to holistic clinics and I wonder now why they do not suggest prescribing the orgonites for better sleep....and better sleep is better healing.Not sure if you contact any holistic clinics or of the like... but that can be another avenue for you to go down for selling your product.ThanksJohn

Hello,.  I heard about you and your amazing orgonites this weekend at a MFT class in Chicago.  I purchased two necklaces.  It's now been 3 days and I have already slept better and felt happier.  My 9 year old has been wearing hers and is a very emotional child... very angry all of the time and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I have tried everything from prescriptions to holistic approaches.  This necklace is AMAZING!  She hasn't had any severe angry moments since she put it on.  I want to share these amazing creations you have made.  Thanks so much! 

Fortunately we get this a lot!!

We are currently working with a chiropractor who is doing Dark Field Microscopy on our blood to see the impact orgonites have on harmonizing negative EMFs to lessen damage to our red blood cells. So far it looks very promising. Also, he using an acupuncture test creating an Acu Graph of before exposure, with orgonites, and without orgonites. Again we are seeing significant results. My wife, Dr. Brenda Frazier will be writing and publishing a paper on this in the future. Watch for it!!

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