Rose Quartz Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pendant

Rose Quartz Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pendant

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This handmade orgonite contains Rose Quartz.  Orgonite is created through the process of mixing polyester resin, crystals, and metal. When the resin hardens it shrinks and puts pressure on the crystal. This pressure changes the polarity of the crystal creating a piezoelectric effect on surrounding dirty/chaotic EMFs, electro magnetic frequencies. This effect harmonizes negative EMFs, or DOR into positive EMFs, or POR. The field this piece creates is for personal protection. The dimension is about 1 inch.

Rose Quartz: Helps with overcoming heartbreak and betrayal. Encourages you to trust again. Rose quartz will assist you in releasing toxic emotions so your spirit can finally be free of petty negativity. Healing the wounded heart.

Pieces are handmade and unique. *all sales final*

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