XXLarge Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite
XXLarge Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite
XXLarge Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite
XXLarge Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite
XXLarge Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite

XXLarge Orgonite EMF Protection/Chakra Healing Pyramid Rainbow Fluorite

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This handmade orgonite pyramid contains Rainbow Fluourite.  Each of our pyramids also has a clear quartz crystal wrapped in metal in the tip. Orgonite is created through the process of mixing polyester resin, crystals, and metal. When the resin hardens it shrinks and puts pressure on the crystal. This pressure changes the polarity of the crystal creating a piezoelectric effect on surrounding dirty/chaotic EMFs, electro magnetic frequencies. This effect harmonizes negative EMFs, or DOR into positive EMFs, or POR. The field this piece creates is 18-20 feet. The base is about 5.25 inches

Healing Properties & Benefits

Rainbow Fluorite is a calming sight for sore eyes, but it’s more than a pretty stone. Healers have utilized the colorful stone for centuries, harnessing its properties to manifest change in their lives.

Here are some of the various benefits you can get from Rainbow Fluorite’s healing properties.


One of the best things about Rainbow Fluorite is that it unveils the truth and lifts the facade we all create about life situations.

As we mentioned earlier, the meaning of this stone is all about providing clarity. When dealing with challenging situations, you can easily succumb to false narratives and realities you create in your head. Humans are emotionally driven, so it’s natural for the brain to come up with inaccurate details in the heat of the moment.

Unfortunately, we can use those lies we create to guide our decision-making. As you can imagine, that leads to all kinds of problems!

The healing properties of Rainbow Fluorite lift the veil and show the truth in every situation. With that knowledge, you can approach challenges with a better sense of understanding and calm. See the obstacle from a new perspective, and you’ll be able to conquer it without letting your emotions get in the way.

Many say that Rainbow Fluorite is a fantastic tool for stopping mental spirals. It snaps you back to reality, helping you see the world for what it really is instead of allowing your emotions to get in the way.


Healers say that the properties of Rainbow Fluorite encourage internal harmony. It creates a sense of unbridled calm even in a sea of chaos and confusion.

Ultimately, this circles back to its primary meaning. This stone encourages you to assess the world truthfully. That doesn’t just apply to the dishonesty that portrays situations as worse than they are, but it also helps you avoid building things up that will eventually let you down.

This stone’s healing properties push you to remove the rose-colored glasses so that you can get an honest and authentic view of the world and your life.

It’s not always easy, but this stone can help you push your spiritual journey even further. It’s about finding that balance of dark and light so that you can find true peace.

Many say it also anchors your intuition, giving you a sense of truth to build your impulses. Your gut instinct isn’t built on a sea of emptiness. It has a backing of fact, making it easy to feel confident in every decision you make.


The potential physical health benefits are not as widely understood for Rainbow Fluorite. Generally, practitioners tend to use this stone with the goal of addressing stress-related issues.

For example, many say that this stone can reduce the frequency and intensity of stress-caused headaches. Crystal healers say they find themselves getting better sleep and having fewer acne outbreaks. The naturally calming nature of the stone could have a more extensive reach, too.

There are some practitioners that say this stone’s energy can even reduce blood pressure. The theory is that it helps you avoid potentially dangerous spikes by maintaining peace and balance from within.

Standard Fluorite is said to have many potential health benefits, and practitioners believe that many of the same can apply to Rainbow Fluorite. For example, healers often seek out this stone for help with colds and flues. It’s commonly used with the intention of boosting the immune system, helping you achieve better all-around health

*Each piece is handmade and unique.  All sales FINAL*

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